Addressing food security challenges in the dry areas

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ICARDA Planning Meeting, 22-23 September, Amman

ICARDA scientists have finalized research plans for the 2012-13 season, and outlined longer term plans – including opportunities to build on previous successes by gradually decentralizing some activities in partnership with national research programs. These were key outcomes from ICARDA’s Annual Planning Meeting, held in Amman, Jordan, 22-23 September. The meeting brought together scientists from ICARDA offices in 12 countries.

Results from the 2011-12 season were excellent. New technologies are being tested, validated and scaled out through multi-country, multi-partner projects. The research portfolio continues to expand. “ICARDA remains a center of excellence,” said Dr Mahmoud Solh, Director General. “The challenge now is to continue to grow, and to strengthen our research partnerships worldwide.”

Recent feedback from investors has been encouraging. Canadian partners such as IDRC and CIDA have expressed interest in new collaboration. The World Bank is considering funding research on dryland production systems in Africa. An ICARDA team is working with Iraq’s Ministry of Agriculture and USAID to develop a broad-ranging research-for-development program. “This reflects the confidence that donors – and even more important, national partners – have in our work,” said Dr Solh.

The planning meeting brought together staff from ICARDA offices in 12 countries.


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