Research impact: record wheat yields in Sudan

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Dr Kamal El-Siddig (left), Acting Director General, ARC, presented special certificates to farmers involved in the Food Security project

Smallholder farmers in Sudan report dramatic increases in wheat yield, as a direct result of collaborative research led by ICARDA. A regional project on‘Enhancing food security in the Arab region’, after two seasons, is already generating significant impacts. The project, supported by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, Islamic Development Bank and OPEC Fund for International Development, is being implemented in four localities in Northern and Gezira states in Sudan (and at multiple sites in four other countries), jointly with the Agricultural Research Center (ARC).

The project tests and promotes technology ‘packages’ combining improved varieties, crop, water and land management methods This season, 50 farmers managed 1 to 2-hectare demonstration plots to showcase these technologies. Project farmers in Northern State obtained yields 27% to 79% higher than the average in the area; a number of farmers harvested above 5 t/ha, compared to the State average of 2.8 t/ha. Similarly in Gezira, project farmers obtained yields 43% to 163% higher than the local average. Crucially, these results were achieved in heat-stressed environments, particularly in Gezira.

The top farmers were honored at a ceremony held at ARC headquarters, attended by H.E. Dr Gaafar Ahmed Abdalla, State Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation; Prof. Kamal El-Siddig, Acting Director General, ARC; Dr Mahmoud Solh, ICARDA Director General, and a number of project stakeholders. Dr Abdalla also presented Dr Solh and the Food Security project team with certificates of appreciation.

“We in Sudan appreciate ICARDA’s role in improving our agricultural systems and for giving our scientists professional development and training opportunities,” the Minister said. “The farmers, the project team and ARC staff have all worked together to achieve these remarkable results. By scaling out these technologies to more farmers, Sudan has the potential to achieve self sufficiency in wheat production in the near future.”

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