Rabat hosts CRP1.1 Regional Inception Workshop

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Delegates in Rabat rest from discussions on CRP1.1

Rabat, Morocco was the venue for a three-day Regional Inception Workshop (RIW) on the new CGIAR Research Program “Integrated and Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods in Dry Areas” (CRP1.1/Dryland System), for the North Africa & West Asia region (NAWA). The workshop (July 2nd to 4th) was co-organized by ICARDA and the National Agricultural Research Institute (INRA), Morocco. More than 80 international experts and researchers participated, and in addition to ICARDA scientists and leaders, there were participants from 12 countries of West Asia and North Africa.

Other stakeholders present included representatives of International development agencies and donors (AfDB, IDB), International research centers (Bioversity International, ICRAF, ICBA, AVRDC), Regional Forums of Research (AARINENA, FARA, Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Program), and European Research Institutions (CIRAD- France, IAMM- France, Univ. Gottingen, INRA France/ Agropolis).

Opening the workshop on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries, Prof. Badraoui (DG-INRA), pointed out the relevance of the CRP 1.1 program to Moroccan agriculture and on-going strategies for agricultural development, especially the pillar II of the Green Morocco Plan. He also expressed the commitment of the Moroccan government to support CRP 1.1 and work with the other countries of the region to achieve the objectives of this program.

The closing session was chaired by Dr William Payne, CRP 1.1 director and facilitated by Dr Rachid Serraj ICARDA director of DSIPS program and coordinator of CRP1.1 groundwork for NAWA. There was a consensus among the speakers (representatives of farmers’ organizations, policy makers, NGOs, and private sector) that the workshop was fruitful and the set objectives were met as planned. The wish now is to move fast in the planning process and start the implementation phase as soon as possible.

The proceedings of the workshop and the various reports and documents are published in the CRP1.1 wiki site (http://cgiar-drylands.wikispaces.com/NA & WA).


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