Wheat co-operators tour IWWIP trial sites in Turkey

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On tour in Turkey. Plotting the future of winter
wheat, its multiplication and disease resistance

Co-operators from some 12 CWANA countries visited the International Winter Wheat Improvement Program (IWWIP) trial sites at locations across Turkey on June 4th to 9th. Other major IWWIP breeding and selection sites are located at ICARDA HQ and with its partners.The 30 participants visited the Edirne Institute where the main seed multiplications take place for international seed distribution. They viewed the plots to see how seed multiplication has been realized in IWWIP and evaluated the material under high yield potential conditions. The group next visited Sakarya Agricultural Research Institute where there was a heavy natural leaf rust epidemic evident, this year as every year. This gave a good opportunity to evaluate the material under heavy leaf rust epidemic conditions.

Next on the itinerary was the Eskisehir Agricultural Research Institute, one of the main breeding sites for IWWIP in Turkey. Part of the crossing program is realized in this institute, including planting and selecting among segregating populations, and preliminary and advanced yield trials. The group was very much impressed by the size of the program in Eskisehir, the yield potential under irrigated conditions and the drought tolerance in the rainfed trials.  Next day the tour took in the Central Research Institute for Field Crops (CRIFC) in Ankara, where IWWIP mainly screens the material for Yellow (Stripe) Rust. The group went through the nurseries for yellow rust in Ankara and were able to select outstanding resistant entries.

Conclusions from the tour and group discussions included:

  • Drought is the number one yield limiting factor among abiotic stresses and  terminal drought and heat tolerance is more important than early season drought tolerance.
  • Yellow rust  is still the main yield limiting factor in terms of biotic stresses, but leaf rust and stem rust resistance should be also emphasized.
  • The IWWIP web site (www.iwwip.org) is an important network for communication and data sharing.

Outstanding genotypes were identified originating from both the Turkey- and  Syria-based breeding hubs of IWWIP.


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