Lessons in science writing

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Pens at the ready – trainees gather for the Science
Writing course in Amman, Jordan

There is nothing more useless and expensive than un-communicated science, lying forgotten on a dusty shelf. The solution is to ensure that the proper communication of results and outcomes is built in to the research process.
With this in mind, some 14 research colleagues gathered in Amman, Jordan on June 10th to 21st for the first of what could be a series of training courses on Science Writing and Presentation Skills. The group comprised key partners from NARS working with ICARDA on the Integrated Water and Land Management Program (IWLMP) from seven countries – Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan, and Yemen.The course tutors, Michael Devlin and Richard Sanders from ICARDA’s Communications, Documentation and Information Services (CODIS) coached the trainees in a range of writing and presentation activities from summary skills, through poster production, PowerPoint technique and pitfalls, donor reports and proposal writing.

“It was very gratifying to see the progress made by the participants over the two weeks, with real confidence building in the presentations and in the technical English language skills from many colleagues more used to spending their working days conversing in French or Arabic,” said Richard Sanders of CODIS. The course content will now be refined and made ready for future courses on science writing for both ICARDA staff and other NARS/research partners.


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