New research initiatives in Iran

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Iran-ICARDA Biannual Coordination Meeting, Karaj, Iran, 27-28 February

Nearly 100 Iranian scientists and policy makers worked with ICARDA staff to identify research prioritiesA series of new research projects will be launched in Iran in the 2012-13 season, directly addressing national agricultural development priorities. Project outlines were discussed at the Iran-ICARDA Coordination Meeting, attended by 94 scientists and policy makers from 14 Iranian research centers and government agencies, and 12 ICARDA staff.

  • Crop improvement. Six research projects to develop drought- and salinity-tolerant varieties of bread wheat, durum wheat, barley and chickpea.
  • Land and water management.  Phase II of the research program in Karkheh River basin, with 10 integrated research projects to arrest land degradation and sustainably manage water resources.
  • Integrated production systems, with a focus on livestock-crop-rangeland systems in dry areas.

The meeting was inaugurated by H.E. Jahangir Porhemmat, Deputy Minister and Head of the Agricultural Research, Extension and Education Organization (AREEO). Iran-ICARDA collaboration has led to outstanding achievements during the last few years,” he said. “AREEO is fully committed to further strengthening this partnership, for national as well as regional benefit.”

The delegates reviewed research results from 2010 and 2011, which included high yielding varieties of wheat , barley, lentil and forage legumes developed from ICARDA germplasm; networks to monitor wheat rust pathogens; new income opportunities (cashmere products) for women; new initiatives on highland agriculture; and training programs for Iranian researchers. The new projects will build on these successes, and will also contribute to other initiatives led by ICARDA.

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  1. Could you provide with the more details of the exact action, which have already been taken and which is going to be taken in the bases of previous? Or may be you have some links for the appropriate articles with such details of initiatives led by ICARDA? Thank you in advance.

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