New rust-resistant wheat for Algeria: Irena/Babax//Pastor

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The new genotype, Irena/Babax//Pastor, is becoming increasingly popular with farmers in northern Algeria

To address the looming threat of wheat yellow rust and to quickly identify and promote resistant genotypes, Algerian scientists from Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique d’Algerie (INRAA) and Institut Technique des Grandes Cultures (ITGC) initiated a Participatory Variety Selection (PVS) program for bread wheat to be used in potential areas of Eastern Algeria. Farmers participated in a series of trials, field selections and discussion of results that resulted in with the final selection of desired genotypes. One particular genotype, Irena/Babax//Pastor, attracted the attention of all PVS participating farmers of Beni Mestina village. The genotype was brought to the group’s attention by the experience of farmer Debbah Mostefa who, together with his family and neighbors, selected ten thousand spikes, which were then threshed and planted. The harvest surpassed all expectations. The field produced 5.6 ton/ha in normal growing season rainfall of 506 mm. To assist farmers in promoting this yellow rust resistant and productive variety, Dr Benbelkacem Abdelkader (INRAA) and Mr Zeltni Abdessalem (ITGC) are implementing a fast seed multiplication program and have introduced an emergency release request for this high potential variety


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