India, ICARDA broaden partnerships

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Dr Ayyappan, ICAR Director General, stressed the need to expand ongoing India-ICARDA partnerships

Dryland farming is getting more taxing due to the exacerbating challenges facing today’s agriculture. The long and fruitful ICAR-ICARDA partnership has played a commendable role in addressing various issues related to dryland farming and farming system research. This fact was highlighted by Dr Ayyappan, Secretary of the Department of Agricultural Research and Education, and Director General of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research – ICAR, in his remarks as Chief Guest at the ICAR-ICARDA Day, celebrated on 31 October in New Delhi.

Mr Ayyappan clarified that: “India’s 60 percent farming is done in the rain-fed areas and almost 42 percent of food grain comes from these areas. It is therefore imperative to look at technologies that can help us in developing climate stress resistant crops.”

Developing farm technologies that can help in advancing climate-resistant agriculture potential is one of India’s top priorities in the 12th Five-Year Plan. Dr Ayyappan noted that ICAR is “looking at partnerships with research bodies…., and at forging more partnerships with the expert body in pulses research, bio-fortification and climate change management”.


Dr Mahmoud Solh, ICARDA Director General, addresses scientists at the ICAR-ICARDA meeting

ICARDA’s Director General Mahmoud Solh commented that ICARDA is “looking at joint efforts with ICAR to develop cheap and farmer-friendly technologies”, and he expressed sincere gratitude to the Government of India and ICAR for their active support and collaboration for the development of sustainable agriculture in the region.

Mr Henri Carsalade, Chair, Board of Trustees, ICARDA, recognized ICAR’s support of ICARDA’s efforts and desired to have closer collaboration with ICAR network for the cause of food security in the region. Mr Henri presented the coveted ICARDA-shield to Dr S Ayyappan for his support and encouragement to ICARDA programs in the country.

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