Research team for (FIGS) opens global consultation

October 31, 2011 at 12:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

FIGS selection is a new method to predict traits of primitive cultivated material from climate variables by using multivariate statistical methods

The ‘Focused identification of Germplasm Strategy (FIGS)’ is a new approach to rapidly identifying plant genetic material for researchers who are looking to improve crop yields and combat the negative effects of climate change.


This innovative tool was developed, tested and refined by a research team from ICARDA – with partners including the Vavilov Institute (Russia), the Nordgen genebank (Nordic Region) and the Australian Winter Cereals Collection.

To further develop this tool, the FIGS team is inviting all interested researchers, crop breeders and genebank managers to a continued on-line consultation aimed at gathering input and review to improve the FIGS approach, to share examples of use and for requests to the FIGS team for troubleshooting in applying the approach.


FIGS uses applied Bayesian mathematics and geographical information to help mine innumerable plant seed samples conserved in the world’s agricultural gene banks. It facilitates the rapid identification of traits that make crop varieties resistant to drought, excessive heat or cold, insect pests and a variety of crop diseases that reduce farm yields in low-income and developed countries.


The development of FIGS was funded by the Grains Research & Development Corporation of Australia.


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