New legume varieties, released in Bangladesh

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A BARI lentil breeder in a BARIMasur-7 field, Ishrudi, Bangladesh

The joint efforts of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), and ICARDA, have resulted in the release of the new lentil variety, BARIMasur-7 and grasspea variety, BARIKhesari-3.

BARIMasur-7 is a short duration (100-105 days) lentil variety, adapted to the short-season environment of Bangladesh. It is highly resistant to Stemphylium blight and other diseases, which threaten the susceptible local farmers varieties, leading to the loss of entire crops in epidemic years.  Trials have shown that this variety can give an average yield of 1.8-2.3 t/ha compared to 1.3 t/ha from the best check (BARIMasur 4) and 0.83 t/ha from local varieties.

BARIKhesari – a variety of grasspea that was developed through direct selection of an ICARDA breeding line (Sel.190) – was released for general cultivation, and sent to Bangladesh under the International Nursery Program. The key trait of BARIKhesari-3 is that it has very low content of the neurotoxin, β-ODAP (0.04%) compared to (0.4-1.6%) of the local varieties. BARIKhesari-3 gave a grain yield of 1.8-2.0 t/ha compared with < 1.0 t/ha from local varieties. An added value for BARIKhesari-3 is its high biomass production.

Seeds are being multiplied at BARI and disseminated through a technology transfer program by the extension department..


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