Research sites selected for CRP1.1 (Dryland Systems)

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Partnerships in CRP1.1 – a huge pool of skills, resources and experience, and activities in five regions.

The CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems (CRP1.1) is based on an integrated agro-ecosystems research, implemented through multi-institution partnerships. This was reflected at the 7th Stakeholder Meeting of CRP1.1, attended by more than 80 representatives of national research centers, advanced research institutes, NGOs and CGIAR Centers from every major dryland region in the developing world.

ICRAF hosted the meeting (27-30 June) at its Nairobi headquarters, and its Director General Dr Dennis Garrity opened the discussions with a presentation on integrated crop-agroforestry systems in West Africa.

The meeting focused on characterization and selection of benchmark research areas, and action sites within each benchmark area, for each of five regions: the West African Sahel and Dry Savannas, East and Southern Africa, North Africa and West Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia. Following weeks of intensive preparatory work, the participants discussed and selected a limited number of representative sites where CRP1.1 will be implemented. In each benchmark area, action sites will be complemented by satellite sites, to capture the diversity in agro-ecological and socio-economic conditions. Another innovation was the concept of Knowledge Sharing Centers, developed by AREEO-Iran, CIP-Peru, CIRAD-France, EMBRAPA-Brazil, GDAR-Turkey, CAAS-China and others. This will allow CRP1.1 partners to share and build on previous research conducted in each agro-ecosystem.

The outcomes of the meeting have been incorporated into the revised CRP1.1 proposal, which was submitted recently to the CGIAR Consortium Board.


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