Challenges and opportunities

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Dr Mohamed Fathi Osman (left) said ARC and ICARDA would redouble their efforts to build on previous successes

Meetings with Dr Mohamed Fathi Osman, ARC President, and Dr Saad Nassar, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, focused on implementation plans to achieve the strategic goals defined at ministerial level. The delegation also met with other national leaders, to update them on ongoing research, and seek their input into the design of new regional initiatives.



Dr Maged Al-Sherbini (center) will help develop formal arrangements for collaboration

Dr Maged Al-Sherbini, President, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and Assistant Minister for Scientific Research in the Ministry of Higher Education, identified three priorities: ICARDA representation on the national task force on wheat and maize, greater investment in capacity development, and using Egypt as a platform to scale out improved technologies in other countries in Africa. Dr Al-Sherbini suggested a formal protocol be developed, describing the modalities of these new programs.


Dr Adel El-Beltagy (right) stressed the need to expand collaborative research on water management

Prof. Dr Adel El-Beltagy, Chair of Egypt’s Agriculture Research and Development Council, welcomed greater ICARDA involvement in a new program to modernize irrigation systems in Egypt. He also urged ICARDA to provide technical input into national water management strategies, for example through a technical review of the workplan on water-use efficiency.


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