Field day in Palestine

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Field day, Palestine: farmers select from a range of improved varieties of four crops

Palestinian farmers gathered at a field day on 5 May, to view new crop varieties and select those best suited to conditions on their own farms. The field day was held at two locations: Der Abo Deef village and Qabatia research station in Jenin governorate in the West Bank. The objective was to showcase new varieties of wheat, barley, lentil and chickpea introduced from ICARDA, and now being tested in farmers’ fields.

The field day was organized jointly by the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) and ICARDA as part of a research project funded by the Netherlands Government. Last season, the project distributed seed of new varieties to about 100 farmers in the West Bank. Each farmer received sufficient seed for an ‘experimental’ half-hectare plot, adjacent to his/her regular field, for comparison. Two farmers received a wider selection of varieties, and their fields are being used for variety selection by other farmers. Farmers at the field day were very positive about the results. After the harvest, they will be given seed of the varieties they selected, for further evaluation and for seed multiplication.



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  1. Hello Dear/ madam, the organizer of the field day!!!
    I am so existing by the report about the field day that you organized to the local community to evaluate the varieties that can suit to their farming system. it is the right approach to incorporate the farming community’s feelings, ideas, knowledge and experience into research and extension system. Besides, it helps us to bring demand driven research and extension system in the country because our research and extension system will be based on the problems and needs of the local communities.


    Research-Extension researcher
    Andasa Livestock Research Center

  2. Field day is a great approach for the sustainability of the technologies and development of the working areas and for the country. the thing you are working is better distributed for other areas and commodities. And we also take a great experience from those you peoples and i as a researcher appreciate your work.

    Assemu Tesfa
    Apiculture and Sericulture researcher
    Andassa livestock research center

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