Algeria-ICARDA collaborative research: good results continue

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Several promising genotypes, developed through the collaborative program, are being demonstrated in large plots on farmers’ fields

The Algeria-ICARDA Annual Coordination Meeting was held in Algiers, 13-14 December. The participants included the Directors General of two key partner organizations – Dr Chehat Fouad from the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique d’Algérie (INRAA) and Dr Zaghouane Omar from the Institut Technique des Grandes Cultures (ITGC) – and Mrs Hamana Malika, Assistant Director General, Direction de la Formation de la Recherche et la Vulgarisation (DFRV), in the Ministry of Agriculture. ICARDA was represented by Dr Mohamed El Mourid, Coordinator, North Africa Regional Program; and Dr Mohamed Maatougui, BIGM consultant.

Ongoing activities include crop improvement (bread wheat, durum wheat and barley), water management (Water Benchmark Phase II) and the SAGA project focusing on local knowledge and natural resources. National coordinators of the various projects presented the results achieved in 2010. ITGC has released two durum varieties, Ammar 1 and Ammar 6. Five genotypes identified by INRAA’s participatory plant breeding program, designed and implemented in partnership with ICARDA, will be proposed for release in 2011: two barley genotypes for Western Algeria, and three wheat genotypes (two durum, one bread wheat) for Eastern Algeria. The discussions helped outline practical steps, including milestones and responsibilities of each partner, to promote the new varieties and disseminate new resource management technologies. The participants also discussed funding for the 2010-2014 program, and formalization of Algeria’s membership of the CGIAR.


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