ICARDA joins CGIAR Consortium

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Towards a “new” CGIAR: ICARDA Board Chair, Mr Henri Carsalade, signs the agreement establishing the Consortium. With him are the other members of the Board of Trustees

ICARDA has signed the Agreement establishing the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers, aiming to improve synergies between CGIAR Centers and between Centers and other partners, and attracting more long-term investments by donor organizations. The decision was made during the meeting of ICARDA’s Board of Trustees earlier this month. In a letter to the Consortium Board Chair, Mr Carlos Pérez del Castillo, ICARDA’s Board Chair, Mr Henri Carsalade stated: “ICARDA joins the Consortium with a sense of strong optimism and faith in the very substantial opportunities to be gained from this new arrangement, in terms of delivering our joint mission. ICARDA considers the establishment of the Consortium to be of critical importance, given the scale of the challenges we face in addressing poverty, food security, environmental sustainability, and the impact of climate change, particularly in the world’s dry areas.” The Consortium will come into force once the Agreement is signed by 12 CGIAR Centers. It has since been announced that 13 Centers have signed; the Consortium has been established. ICARDA’s Director General, Dr Mahmoud Solh, explained why establishing the Consortium is a key part of the process of CGIAR reforms. The Consortium will provide leadership to the CGIAR system and coordinate activities among the Centers and other partners within a Strategy and Research Framework and a portfolio of new research mega-programs currently under development. Dr Solh emphasized that membership of the Consortium will not affect ICARDA’s day-to-day operations. “We will continue to pursue ICARDA’s mission and mandate in the dry areas. Our Board of Trustees will continue to oversee our work, in accordance with the Center’s Charter and the agreement with the Government of Syria, our host country.”


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