New lentil variety released in Morocco

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Field trials of lentil variety Chakkouf at Jemaat Shaim research station, Morocco

Field trials of lentil variety Chakkouf at Jemaat Shaim research station, Morocco

A high-yielding, drought-tolerant, disease-resistant lentil variety, developed jointly by Morocco’s Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) and ICARDA, has been released for cultivation. The new variety, Chakkouf (ILL 6001-81), was developed from an ICARDA breeding line sent to Morocco under the international nurseries program. It was released last year after field evaluation for nine years at three locations. Chakkouf is an improved plant type with semi-erect growth habit, large seeds (4.75 g per 100 seeds) and yellow cotyledons. It is resistant to the two biggest lentil diseases in Morocco – rust and ascochyta blight – and also tolerant to drought. Data from long-term field trials highlight the potential of the new variety: early flowering and maturity (135 days to harvest), suitable plant height (50 cm) and high grain yield, 1500 kg/ha – 40% higher than the control variety used in the trials. Under favorable conditions and with good management, it can yield up to 2400 kg/ha.
Lentil is an important crop in Morocco, but cultivation has fallen by 60% in the past two decades, from 87,700 ha in 1985 to 32,700 ha today. Chakkouf – and other new varieties currently being developed – can help restore lentil production to earlier levels, improving food security and nutrition among poor households throughout the country.


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