Science Week 2009

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Critical mass: scientists from ICARDA offices in 15 countries

Science impact through the research for development continuum was the focus for ICARDA’s 2009 Science Week, which brought together scientists from headquarters and offices in 15 countries.

The discussions focused on research impact and the role of ICARDA’s regional programs in research for development. Dr Mahmud Duwayri, former Minister of Agriculture in Jordan, described ICARDA as a “unifying force within the region… providing scientific leadership, training, and linking national research programs into the global scientific community.”

Discussing future research plans. Left to right: Drs Mahmoud Solh, Mahmud Duwayri, Mohamed El-Nahrawy, Mohamed Badraoui

“ICARDA is a key strategic partner for Morocco,” said Prof. Mohamed Badraoui, Director General of INRA-Morocco. “For example, the land suitability maps prepared by an INRA-ICARDA team are the starting point for all projects under the government-funded Green Morocco Plan.” Other invited speakers included Dr Mohamed El-Nahrawy, DG of ARC-Egypt, and Prof. Nour (former DG of ICARDA).

The meeting highlighted achievements and lessons learnt from four multi-country, ICARDA-led projects: the WANA Water Benchmark Project, the Mashreq and Maghreb Project, the Women’s Livelihoods and Dairy Goat Project, and the Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management. ICARDA’s strategic plans for future barley and livestock research were also discussed, including a framework for translating ICARDA’s broad objectives into impact on farmers’ fields.

“The discussions have been focused and constructive,” said Dr Mahmoud Solh, ICARDA’s Director General. He stressed that inputs from the meeting would make these partnerships even stronger, and help improve food security and livelihoods for farmers throughout the dry areas.


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